Here is a recap of a few of our past events. We could not begin to do all that we do for the Community without the support of wonderful people like you!

3rd Annual Garage Sale – Saturday, July 13, 2013

A few of our hard working volunteers!

A few of our hard working volunteers!

Everyone got some wonderful deals and everything that was left was donated to other needy groups so nothing went to waste.

Thanks to our supporters for all the great goodies! Folks were right on time to beat the heat and to grab some early-morning freshly baked treats and snag the  very best items of which there were many! Thanks also to the lovely folks who made very generous “extra ” donations :)




Lewis Apartment Communities – Pet Expo – Saturday, March 31, 2012

Despite the dreary weather, the residents of Homecoming of Terra Vista came out to show-off their pets and support the vendors on-hand. With it being the final day of the Lewis Communities month-long food bank collection event, several generous families came by to drop off dog and cat food and other donations.



Our 2nd Annual Bone Appetito – Saturday, April 14, 2013

2nd Annual Bone Appetito

The entire event was a blast and we all had a great time ! it was QUITE the event! the wine was fabulous and some of the girls at our table even mentioned they were purchasing a few bottles of the stark raving… yummy wines!  Please pass along to the staff at Antonio’s our thank you’s for a wonderful time !! And to the to the “Paw love” girls.. great job !! HOWEVER …I’m still wondering how they all effortlessly weaved around those tables passing out prizes to winners like they were floating on air… It is my pleasure to make donations to this wonderful organization and it was my honor to be able to help a cause that is so near and dear to me and my family as well.  You did an amazing job Suzanne- you have every  right to be proud !! We’re all looking forward to the next fund raiser”     - Bone Appetito Guest

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