Educate Yourself

A Myth Buster of a Day

Check out 3 Myths that got busted during Neighborhood Pit Bull Day, presented by the Best Friends Animal Society.

Things all kids need to know about dogs and things all parents need to teach their kids about dogs.

Lesson 1:
When you or your child meet a new dog do NOT hover your hand over their head then jerk it up when they go to sniff it. This may cause the dog to jump up. With a friendly dog that little jump does NOT mean the dog is trying to bite you, they are following their nose to what you have just presented. But, some dogs become scared when you reach over their head, and a nervous dog may bite! The best and safest way to meet a new dog is to present your hand, palm up, with your arm just slightly extended, allow the dog to approach you, then let the dog sniff your hand. If you feel comfortable that the dog is friendly you can then rub under their chin. From there you can pet the side of their face and neck.

Lesson 2:
NEVER allow a child to hug a dog you don’t know VERY well. Most dogs do not enjoy being hugged and only a very easy going, well socialzed dog will tolerate a hug. There is no such thing as a hug in the dog world. If you see a dog wrap its front paws around another dogs neck, it’s very likely a fight will break out. Many children end up getting bitten in the face while hugging dogs.

Lesson 3:
If you or your your child encounter a dog that makes you uncomfortable DO NOT RUN!! You will never out run a dog and by running you are luring the dog to chase you. Just stand very still and very quietly. Turn your body sideways to the dog and don’t make eye contact. If you must move, move slowly, VERY slowly! DO NOT SCREAM!! The high pitch scream of a child can trigger prey drive in a dog and cause it to attack.

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